We are a team of dedicated and talented women who share a passion for ice hockey. Our mission is to promote the sport and empower women in Europe to pursue their athletic dreams, create a better and bigger pool of female players and provide continuous growth.

With a roster of skilled players, we have been making a name for ourselves both nationally and internationally. ATW is eager to continue building onto our success with two teams: 1st division Bundesliga and our 2nd team in the Dutch Women’s Hockey League.


● 2023-2024: creation of the 1st division ATW team competing in the Bundesliga.
Link: Bundesliga | DEB LIVE (deb-online.live)

● 2022-2023: ATW 1st place Dutch Women’s League.
Link: Vrouwen Competitie

Foto’s: Ronald Groenheijde


ATW is joining the highest German league this season 2023-2024 to compete against top level athletes! More information on this league is to be found through the following link: Frauen Bundesliga | Deutscher Eishockey-Bund e.V. (deb-online.de)


9 teams compete in the Netherlands and Belgium for 1st place. Check out: Competitie -🏒 IJshockey Nederland to see our rankings and past games from our season 2022-2023.

ATW won the Final in Tilburg on Saturday the 1st of April, 2023 at 4:00 PM for the Dutch women’s league!

Sad you missed it? Or want to relive it again? Watch the Replay!


You can give a donation of your choice through this website.

We are proud to have the support from our sponsors, who play a vital role in helping us achieve our goals. From equipment, transport, food & beverages, to ice time, their support helps us compete at the highest level.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us for more information at womenshockey@amsteltijgers.nl We would be happy to discuss the possibilities and further details at your convenience.


Do you also want to sponsor ATW for FREE?
With SponsorKliks you can make a financial contribution to ATW without it costing you anything!

You can help ATW by making your online purchases through the SponsorKliks page “Amsterdam Tigers Womens”.

Order a pizza online via Thuisbezorgd and ATW will receive money for the team. Large online stores such as Bol.com, Coolblue, Booking.com and Expedia are also participating. A percentage of the purchase amount goes to ATW.
And again, it won’t cost you anything extra!

● Go to www.sponsorkliks.com
● Search for Amsterdam Tigers Womens
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We will provide the players with the best possible ice hockey experience within the Netherlands in order to help them excel and advance further within the Female League and the Bundesliga.

Our program focus:

● Technical and Tactical Skills
● Leadership, Physical and Personal Development
● Positive Motivation, Encouragement and Friendship
● Open Communication, Feedback, Input and Interaction
● Creativity, Hard Work and Commitment
● Most Importantly RESPECT


To be a leading force in women’s ice hockey within Europe. Renowned by its speed, skills, and tenacity on the ice, representing the best of Dutch sports(wo-)manship and teamwork.

To inspire fans and supporters to come out and cheer us on at every game. With hard work, determination, and the support of our fans and sponsors, we know that we can achieve great things as a team and as ambassadors for women’s ice hockey in Europe.


To train and compete at the highest level, with a focus on developing the skills and teamwork necessary to achieve our goal to be at the top of women’s ice hockey.

To build a legacy of success that inspires future generations of young women to follow in our footsteps and make ice hockey more accessible.

We believe that by promoting women’s ice hockey in the Netherlands and throughout Europe, we can help break down gender barriers and promote greater equality in sports. We want to partner up with like minded companies to get our vision and commitment to a bigger stage.


● Bundesliga: Bundesliga | DEB LIVE (deb-online.live)
● Dutch Women’s League: Competitie – Vrouwen🏒IJshockey Nederland


Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates at @LinkedIn, @Amsterdamtigerswomens and @Amsterdam Tigers Women’s | Facebook.

Stay tuned for upcoming event dates for:
● Meet & Greet/Skate with the team
● Fundraisers
● Tryouts
● Game Dates & Results
● Upcoming games for next season 2023-2024!


About Our Teams
Our teams are composed of players from different backgrounds and levels of experience, but all share a love for the sport and a drive to compete at the highest level. Our players are committed to the sport and strive to be the best, both on and off the ice.

TEAMS 2023-2024
● Bundesliga
● Dutch women’s league


ATW is always searching for new volunteers.

Please contact us through the contact details below and drop us a message if you are interested. Think about Game or Practice involvement, Off Ice training, photography, physiotherapy, merchandise, sales, promotions and much more. Volunteering can be a one time thing or throughout the entire season. We would love to schedule a call to talk about the possibilities.

Actual vacancy descriptions and updates will follow.


Do you have questions or just want to say hello?
Get in touch with us by E-mail.
We’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to check out our socials: @LinkedIn, @Amsterdamtigerswomens and @Amsterdam Tigers Women’s | Facebook to follow the latest developments.

Thank you for visiting the Amsterdam Tigers Women’s Team website.
We hope to see you soon at one of our games!

Foto’s: Ronald Groenheijde

Samu Shooting Clinic

Als club kondigen we met veel plezier aan dat onze Finse sterspeler van het 1e team en coach van de U15 een off-ice schietclinic aanbiedt. Dit is een unieke kans voor spelers om hun schietvaardigheden te oefenen en verbeteren onder leiding van de topscorer uit de...

U23 Tigers timmeren aan de weg

Vergeleken met afgelopen jaren is het nieuwe hoogste jeugdteam van de Amsterdam Tigers volwassener. De leeftijdsgrens is twee jaar opgerekt en de competitie is uitgebreid met drie teams. Het speltempo van het team, dat dit jaar onder de zorg van Marc Buiting, Mark van...

Uitnodiging ALV 18 november 2023

Beste Amsterdam Tigers en ouders, Bij deze wil het bestuur van IJshockeyvereniging Amsterdam Tigers al haar leden van harte uitnodigen voor de algemene ledenvergadering op zaterdag 18 november 2023. Aansluitend aan de ALV is er een borrel en zijn alle deelnemers van...

Parkeervergunningen voor (ouders van) leden van Amsterdam Tigers

‘PARKEERVERGUNNING VOOR SPORTVERENIGINGEN MET WISSELEND KENTEKEN’ Zoals jullie weten is onlangs het parkeerbeleid bij het Jaap Eden Complex/sportpark Middenmeer (Gebied Oost 5A) gewijzigd. Het parkeertarief is naar € 3,90 per uur gegaan en het is betaald parkeren van...

Nieuwsbrief september 2023

Beste leden, Hoewel we deze week tropische temperaturen hadden, begint deze zaterdag 9 september ons  ijshockeyseizoen. Jaap Eden heeft ons, ondanks het weer, verzekerd dat ze in staat zijn om het ijs te voltooien. Het bestuur en de vele vrijwilligers zijn hard aan...